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Smart Visa

As of 2018, skilled workers, investors, executives, and start-up entrepreneurs in targeted industries can apply for a SMART VISA. There are five categories of smart visa, each with their own conditions regarding minimum salary, employment conditions and qualification endorsement. For every category of visa, spouses and children of the applicant who are granted permission can work without needing a work permit. Each applicant must have a business, or work with a business that is approved by a relevant government agency.

Smart Visa categories


for talent

applicable to science and technology experts


for executives

must hold a senior management position (e.g., Chairman or managing director)


for investors

investors in technology-based businesses in targeted industries. Can be as an individual investor or through venture capital


for start-ups

must have an already established start-up in Thailand. Can be for 6 months, 1 or 2 years


for others

spouses can work without requesting a work permit

Targeted industries

Affluent, medical and wellness tourism

Biofuels and biochemicals

Agriculture and biotechnology

Food for the future

Medical hub

Automation and robotics


Smart electronics

Next generation automotive

Aviation and logistics

Alternative dispute resolution

Environmental management
and renewable energy

Human resource development, science, and technology

All visas have a maximum renewal period of 4 years except for Smart S visa, where the renewal period depends on the original period granted (6 months, 1 or2 years). No re-entry permit is required, and the applicant has access to a Fast Track service at international airports in Thailand. Across all visas, visa holders must notify the relevant authorities and receive additional authorizations where there are any changes to their employment.

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