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Investment Visa

As of August of 2014, foreign investors in Thailand are able to stay, long-term, in the Kingdom. Eligibility for the Investment Visa is based on several criteria. The foreigner is required to:

1.   Hold a non-immigrant visa.

2.   Transfer at least 10 million baht into Thailand.


3.   One or a combination of the following, with a value totaling 10 million baht.

   Purchase or lease of a condominium project.

   Have a balance in a fixed-deposit account in a majority Thai-owned bank.

   Purchase and own Thai government and/or state enterprise bonds.

The investment visa is renewable annually, as long as the investments stipulated above are maintained.

Like with other visas, Investment Visa holders are required to report their addresses every 90 days and may only work in Thailand with a work permit.

An investor’s family members are also eligible for long-term stay in Thailand, as long as they can provide evidence supporting their relationships. Family members who qualify include parents, spouse and children. They may also work in Thailand, provided they have work permits.

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