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The Mahanakorn Partners Group (MPG) is a leading professional services firm, whose mission is to be a One-Stop Platform to assist virtually any company or individual with a wide-range of Legal, Accounting, Auditing, Tax Advisory, and Business Consulting service offerings. MPG is headquartered in Thailand, with an ASEAN presence and a global footprint. We strive to cultivate a personal environment where each client receives professional, consistent and dependable advice. Our lawyers, accountants, auditors, business consultants and administrative staff are committed to supporting our clients in seamlessly navigating through the complexities of business, regulatory and legal matters, domestically and internationally.


Since 1999, the MPG group of companies have promptly and effectively assisted clients worldwide, providing professional services across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Latest News

Dec 09, 2023

Ministry Regulation Draft Aims to Boost Sustainable Investments in Thailand

The Cabinet recently approved the principles of the Ministry Regulation draft, version .. (B.E. ….), in accordance with the provisions of the Revenue Code concerning tax incentives to promote sustainable investments in the country. The proposal, submitted by the Ministry of Finance, is now under consideration by the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission […]

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Other news

Dec 04, 2023

Standardizing Wage Rates: Key Decisions and Implications

Dec 01, 2023

Amendment to Civil and Commercial Code Regarding Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage

Nov 27, 2023

EEC Unveils Groundbreaking Visa and Tax Policies to Attract Foreign Investments

Nov 11, 2023

Economic Cooperation Framework: Enhancing Supply Chain Resilience in the Indo-Pacific Region

Nov 06, 2023

Green Finance and Sustainable Development in Thailand: A Path to Achieving Net Zero Emissions

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