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Why do leaders and teams who are highly successful in their familiar environments struggle when they relocate or are required to perform their duties across borders? Why do so many overseas, family assignments fail? Why does it sometimes seem that people from other countries insist on doing even the most basic tasks the wrong way?

The answer is simple: Culture.

MPG offers a range of solutions for various symptoms of culture related issues.

Cross-cultural Training for Relocating Expats

Living in a foreign culture is like playing a game you’ve never played before when the rules haven’t been explained very well. The challenge is to enjoy the game without missing too many plays, learning the rules and developing skills as you go along.

L. Robert Kohls

MPG’s cross-cultural training programs help relocating expats adapt to their new homes. Whether the assignee is leaving the region or just arriving, we develop their understanding of how deep cultural values, thought patterns and beliefs drive behaviors and disrupt cross-cultural interactions. Our participants design strategies for adapting behaviors and learn local etiquette, protocol and communication. Most importantly, they have numerous opportunities to relate these topics to their own experiences.

MPG’s cross-cultural training takes most of the guesswork out of living and working in a new culture and provides a framework for continued self-learning and adaptation.

Intercultural Training for Local Leaders

MPG’s intercultural training programs are designed for local leaders and staff of international companies who need to contact and work with bosses, colleagues, clients and suppliers of various nationalities. The focus is on heightening intercultural sensitivity and empathy for diverse people and developing skills for interacting effectively with anyone from a different culture.

Businesses should consider Intercultural training for teams who are struggling to match, globally, the effectiveness they have achieved locally.

Cross-cultural Coaching

MPG’s Cross-cultural Coaching packages provide ongoing support and development to expat and local executives who have participated in training and wish to continue their growth. Sessions focus on improving skills, understanding of the target culture and tackling specific issues as they arise.

Participants are encouraged to recognize and identify issues that are challenging their effectiveness, and then propose and implement solutions over a period of time.

Intercultural Speaking

MPG provides knowledgeable and engaging speakers for seminars, conferences, group meetings and project kick-offs. The topics include a range of intercultural issues, depending on the specifics of the event, but in general are related to developing effective communication and interactions with those from other cultures.


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