Immigration & Global Mobility

Marriage Visa

The Thai marriage visa can be granted to the foreign spouse of a Thai citizen. Aside from being legally married, the foreign spouse must satisfy the financial and other requirements set by the Immigration Bureau. Working in Thailand is permitted to Marriage Visa-holders, provided that a valid work permit is obtained before starting work.

The following are the spouse’s eligibility requirements:

1. Legally married to a Thai national.

2. Satisfies either of the following financial requirements:

  • savings of no less than THB 400,000 held in a Thai bank for a period of at least 2 months prior to visa application.
  • monthly income of at least THB 40,000.

The Marriage visa is valid for one calendar year and it is renewable yearly.

In the event of divorce, the marriage visa will be terminated; however, under certain circumstances, visa-holders will be allowed to stay in Thailand until the natural expiration of their marriage visas.


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