Standardizing Wage Rates: Key Decisions and Implications

In acknowledgment of the proposal presented by the Ministry of Labor, the Cabinet has taken note of the announcement from the Wage Committee regarding the 13th edition of standard wage rates on September 29, 2566. This announcement is intended for publication in the Royal Gazette for subsequent enforcement.

Key Points:

The 21st Wage Committee has appointed a subcommittee to review the standard wage rates across 54 occupational categories. The review takes into account factors such as the nature of work, actual wages in the labor market, employer payment capacity, and specific conditions in each occupational category. The subcommittee has submitted the proposed standard wage rates to the 21st Wage Committee. During the 6th/2566 meeting, held on September 13, 2023, the committee passed resolutions determining the standard wage rates as follows:

   Approval of Standard Wage Rates: The committee approved the standard wage rates for six occupational categories across the 54 branches, denominated in Thai Baht per day. These standards measure the academic qualifications, skills, and attitudes required for each occupation, as set forth by the Department of Skill Development. The standards are categorized into three levels, each with specific criteria. Individuals who pass the assessment will receive certification from the Department of Skill Development.

   Effective Date: The announced standard wage rates will come into effect ninety days after being published in the Royal Gazette.

   Cancellation of Previous Announcements: The committee has decided to revoke announcements related to standard wage rates (editions 9-12). Instead, all relevant rates will be consolidated in a single announcement – the 13th edition (inclusive of 129 occupational categories).

Minimum Wage Table:

In conclusion, these decisions aim to provide a fair and convenient framework for implementing standardized wage rates across various occupations. It is crucial for stakeholders to stay informed and compliant with these new standards.

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