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Marriage in Thailand

Getting married in Thailand is an inexpensive process that requires specific documentation and the cooperation of a number of entities, including Thai government offices, translators and foreign embassies.

Whether one or both parties are foreign nationals, they will need to follow the same process. Foreign nationals must obtain documentation from their embassy, confirming that they are not currently married, and that there is no reason they cannot marry in Thailand. It is important to know how many days the embassy or embassies in question need to provide this documentation, as the timeframe varies.

The embassy documentation must then be translated into Thai, after which, the foreign national or nationals are ready to be married. A marriage in Thailand is legally registered at the localdistrict office, the Khet in Bangkok, or the Amphur outside of Bangkok.

Legal marriages registered in Thailand are recognized anywhere in the world. It is recommended that foreign nationals residing in Thailand, register their marriage at the local embassy or consulate of their country of citizenship.

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