Business Licenses

Food License

The food license application consists of the following steps: 

1. Provide the required documents to the appropriate local office.

2. Once the application has been submitted, MPG will arrange for the official inspection. At this stage, additional documents might be required. Note that the employees should be present during the inspection to explain some food-making processes.

3. All Thai employees must pass an exam at the district office to obtain a certificate.

4. Upon confirmation that all is in order, the officer will issue the food license.

The following documents are required:

1. Company affidavit, not older than six months

2. Registration document of the building

3. Original consent letter or copy of the lease agreement (affixed with a stamp duty)

4. Copy of the ID card and home registration of the director of the company

5. Copy of the ID card and home registration of the owner of the business

6. Power of Attorney

7. Completed and signed SorAor1 application form

8. Map of location

9. Photos (print out) in front of and inside the restaurant

10. Interior layout of the restaurant (interior floor plan)

11. Total space of the whole restaurant in square meters

12. Proof of ownership (on a case by case basis), such as sale and purchase agreement, title deed (all pages) or construction permit

Note that the food license must be renewed every calendar year (valid until December 31).