Investing in Thailand 2020 Business Guide

The most common question we hear from clients is how to set up a company in Thailand and comply with regulatory requirements. In MPG’s Investing in Thailand 2020 guide, published by the Singapore Business Federation, we are pleased to present investors with a practical overview of business opportunities and regulations in Thailand. In this infographic guide, we highlight facts and figures about foreign and domestic investment in Thailand, and outline salient information for doing business, including:

Common corporate structures

Free trade agreements

Investment privileges

Key tax and employment law.

Thailand’s strengths lie in its strategic regional location, skilled labor force, strong exports, and easy access to raw materials. As many foreign companies come to Southeast Asia to take advantage of its potential for growth, we hope this guide will serve as a resource for those interested in doing business in Thailand. For a more complete understanding of corporate structures, investment promotions, and rules and regulations, we encourage readers to contact us with questions.



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