Extension of Electronic Corporate Income Tax Return Filing Dates

On 30 April 2021 the Ministry of Finance issued Notification No.3 announcing the extension of the deadline for companies to electronically file their Corporate Income Tax (CIT) return and CIT payment with the Revenue Department.

The notice comes in line with a string of announcements aimed at relieving businesses affected by the most recent wave of COVID-19 outbreaks by offering greater flexibility on the ordinarily strict timelines imposed on business operators.

The deadline for the e-filing of CIT returns and CIT payments has been extended until 30 June 2021 for companies whose original deadlines for the accounting period ending in 2020 were in May and June 2021.

Applicable Forms for Limited Companies and other Juristic Persons include Form PND.50, PND.55 and the Transfer Pricing Disclosure Form.

Applicable Forms for Public Companies Listed on the Thai Stock Exchange include Form PND.50 and the Transfer Pricing Disclosure Form. Listed companies must also have postponed their Annual General Meeting (AGM) in accordance with the Department of Business Development’s (DBD) recent announcement. Listed companies must notify the Director General of the Revenue Department (through its website) of the original AGM date and the new AGM date by 31 May 2021 to satisfy the requirements of an extension to file CIT returns and CIT payments. In an earlier update, we described the eligibility criteria and process for the postponement of a company’s AGM.

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