Un-Masking & the Relaxation of COVID-19 Health Measures

Thailand is transitioning to post-pandemic life as COVID-19 cases continue to fall. The government issued Stipulations No. 46 to relax public health measures and empower individuals to return to normal life. Furthermore, restrictions on domestic and international travel have been lifted to promote industry and tourism.

The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) shall revise the risk categorization of provinces according to the current spread of COVID-19. All provinces have been designated surveillance areas according to Order of the CCSA No. 12/2565, and the color-coding system which designated risk level shall no longer be used. Surveillance areas, formally known as Green Zones, are nearly unrestricted by public health measures.

Wearing hygienic or fabric masks is now voluntary unless circumstances arise which would warrant readoption. Usage is still encouraged in large gatherings where social distancing is not possible or where there is poor air ventilation. Vulnerable groups and individuals with underlying health conditions who are at risk of developing severe symptoms in case of infection should continue to wear masks. Individuals with an active COVID-19 infection should wear masks while interacting with others.

Relaxing public health measures in some sectors shall be determined by the appropriate authorities. The provinces have the authority to restrict domestic travel and transportation of foreign workers. However, in the absence of such mandates, the government of Thailand allows unrestricted travel. The National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) shall revise the guidelines on media production following these newly relaxed measures.

Surveillance areas shall proceed with integrated control measures to re-open businesses and provide formerly restricted services. Businesses selling food or beverages may recommence selling alcoholic beverages on the premises. Entertainment establishments, including pubs and karaoke bars, may re-open for service.

Large-scale events are permitted, though they are subject to some public health measures. When organizing an event that may attract more than 2,000 individuals, the Provincial Communicable Disease Committee must be notified. This notification permits appropriate supervision and monitoring to prevent the spread of disease.

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