Limits on the Quantity of Narcotics for Medical and Scientific Uses

The Deputy Minister of Public Health has issued a notification regarding the limits on the quantity of category two narcotics for medical and scientific uses. The regulations were published in the Ministerial Information Bulletin No. 10860 on the 1st of November 2022. The notification is made in compliance with Section 24, paragraph two, of the Narcotics Act B.E. 2564 (2021) and Section 22 (2) of the Narcotics Code. It is the result of a recommendation by the Narcotics Control Board, and it stipulates that the quantity of category two narcotics required for medical, and scientific uses throughout the Kingdom in 2022 shall be as follows:

Narcotic Quantity
Cocaine 2.00 kilograms.
Codeine 700.00 kilograms
Diphenoxylate 25.00 kilograms
Fentanyl 6.00 kilograms.
Medicinal opium 1,500.00 kilograms
Methadone 100.00 kilograms
Morphine 300.00 kilograms
Pethidine 200.00 kilograms.
Remifentanil 0.07 kilogram.
Oxycodone 8.00 kilograms.
Tapentadol 110.00 kilograms.


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