Instruments & Methodologies in Trade Finance and Project Finance Transactions

Instruments & Methodologies in Trade Finance and Project Finance Transactions


The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Banking Commission‘s Global Survey revealed that trade finance transactions processed in 2018 amounted to approximately USD 9 trillion, while an independent study published by the Boston Consulting Group indicated that trade finance revenues would reach USD 48 billion between 2019-2021. The estimated unmet needs in terms of trade financing are in the range of trillions of U.S. dollars.

The ICC Banking Commission is organizing a workshop that will delve into the key characteristics, as well as common mistakes and pitfalls of a range of trade finance products. Mr. Luca Bernardinetti, MPG Chairman & Managing Partner and member of the Thailand International Chamber of Commerce’s Commission on Banking Technique & Practices, will lead the workshop, leveraging detailed case studies, with an emphasis on current real-world scenarios. This program will explore the principal trade finance instruments, methodologies and compliance issues. Khun Pongsit Vilailert, Chair of the Commission on Banking Technique & Practices, ICC Thailand, will deliver the opening address. 


This workshop is designed for general practitioners working in banks, corporates, or financial institutions in functions such as relationship management, credit and compliance, and that have an interest in developing trade finance- related skills and knowledge.

Attendees will be awarded 4 Professional Development Units (PDUs) by the London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF), required for the Certified Documentary Credit Specialist (CDCS) Re-Certification program.

The workshop will be held at Galleria 2-3 Room, 5th Floor, S31 Sukhumvit Hotel, Bangkok, on 30 October 2019, 8.30 – 13.00 hrs.

Session 1 – Documentary Credits (UCP600)

An overview of Documentary Credits will be presented in this session, from structuring and issuance, to document verification, to financing and settlement. The format of the workshop follows a typical transaction flow and seeks to highlight practical considerations related to the use of Documentary Credits in international trade. The aim of this first session is to hone practical skills and knowledge relating to the transaction lifecycle of an L/C and to acquire insights into the issuance, document verification and financing/settlement processes related to Documentary Credits.

Session 2 – Demand Guarantees (URDG758)

The main features of Demand Guarantees will be analyzed in this session, to improve knowledge on the issuance of guarantees, as well as credit enhancement and credit substitution. Additionally, this session will examine the global standards, legal framework, and the proper application of Guarantees from a range of perspectives. This session includes real-life examples and a case study to improve the understanding of participants in the use of Guarantees.

Session 3 – Trade Finance instruments in Project Finance Transactions

Case studies of project finance transactions underpinned by guarantee- backed lines of credit and credit enhancement mechanisms will be examined. This session should enhance the knowledge of participants on the use of proficiently crafted Demand Guarantees that seek to mitigate project risk, manage default risk and ensure appropriate risk distribution among the project stakeholders. This session will also touch on ICC Dispute Resolution clauses for trade finance contracts.

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