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Thailand Trademark

A registered trademark provides legal protection against counterfeiting and infringement of your intellectual property. By registering a trademark, a company will greatly strengthen its ability to enforce its rights.


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Section 6 of the Trademark Act B.E. 2534, as amended by the Trademark Act (No.2) B.E. 2543, indicates that to be registrable, a trademark must:

     (1) be distinctive;

     (2) not be prohibited by the Trademark Act;

     (3) not be identical or confusingly similar to another registered trademark.

Thailand is not closely bound by international bilateral treaties providing mutual enforcement with regard to trademarks, therefore registering a Thai trademark is the best option to protect your rights. Although the process of applying to a Thai Trademark can be lengthy, fortunately your trademark protection will start from the day the application is submitted.

Only companies with an office address in Thailand can apply for a trademark. Non-resident applicants must appoint a Thai-resident agent to register a trademark by granting them power of attorney. All trademark applications must be completed in Thai language.

Before submitting your application, we must initially perform a trademark search to confirm that a similar mark has not already been registered. Upon ensuing submission, the Trademark Registrar may seek explanations, statements and opinions from us on your behalf. We will address those enquiries promptly and carefully so as to significantly increase the likelihood of a timely and successful outcome.

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